Games of Old

 So the latest thing I’ve been doing is a panel for the Games exhibition, run by the Swansea School of Glass and the British society of Master Glass Painters. Ive been designing this over the last month or so on the theme of childhood games in the guise of classical greek ceramics- or thereabouts. I want it to be a bit of fun and after initial surface recognition, to surprise anyone who takes the trouble to look further! 

This is my ‘official’ statement to accompany the panel……and there are a series of images of the panel and some details. My favourite is the conker fight!.Image

Title of Piece:-  Games of Old

This piece is based on the idea that play is essential to the human condition, whether it takes the form of classical sporting triumph in the arena or a great game of conkers in the playground. 

Games form a large part of our lives, especially in childhood and, whilst they often become organised and ever-so serious as we get older, the ones I really remember as being fabulous were the ones I played when I was young. 




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