Culture and Cornish Pasties

Bridget studying her chosen glass at the V+A

Bridget studying her chosen glass at the V+A

Ice Angel 2  Took some students to one of my favourite places to go in       London yesterday – the Victoria and Albert Museum. I could camp there for a month and still leave feeling like I’d not seen enough.Ho Hum.

The students were looking at glass they will be trying to replicate for a project and it was great to look at it with them and try and squeeze as much juice out of the visit as possible, but I also ran around and saw some stunning asian textiles and  a wonderfully engaging interactive light installation called ‘Ice Angel’ by Dominic Harris and Cinimod Studio that encouraged you to make your own ‘light angel’- much like a snow angel but with less snow down the neck. Myself and a couple of other people had great fun with it while I was there.

 The cornish pasty was purchased at Paddington station to buffer the long train ride home to Wales. Yum.


 Ice Angel 3Ice Angel 1






Rachel Phillips

Saturday 7th July saw the opening of the ‘Games’ Exhibition at the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea. An exhibition inspired by both glass and, in the Olympic Year, the theme of Games.  This was hosted jointly by the Swansea School of Glass and the British Society of Master Glass Painters.

I was very happy to have my panel  selected alongside many other exciting panels – a great variety of styles and techniques are on show.  It’s on until Septmeber 23rd and well worth a look!  Click on the catalogue image to go to the facebook event page for more details, or follow this link to an article on BBC Wales with images of several of the other panels. For more images and information on my panel, ‘Games of Old’,  please click on the image below.     


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Little Bit of Linoprint

A few days away have given me a bit of head-space and time to do a bit more experimentation- this time to have a go with a technique I last grappled with about 10 years ago- lino-printing. I really like this technique and, having dipped my toe back into using it again I can’t imagine why I haven’t done it sooner. I like its immediacy, accessibility and, most of all, the high-contrast, linear nature of the work you can do with it.


So my plan was to follow some exercises to get a feeling for what the different lino-cutting tools could do and to play around with the types of papers and backgrounds- watecolour, tissue, newsprint etc. Very enjoyable and exciting to me as to where it will lead.


Lino print play


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Linda Norris Painting Course

Two weeks ago I ‘helped’ on a painting weekend run by my friend Linda Norris . Lovely weekend and very inspiring to just be doing with no thought of site, situation or client as is the norm with commissioned glass work –  a bit of a luxury.

Various Acrylic on board. Sand, wax and collage trials

A few new enjoyable and effective techniques demonstrated by Linda and tried by the group-  using sand, plaster and wax in the creation of texture. The biggest revelation of the weekend for me was to add the the ingredient of WAITING. To stop and consider, to think about not just what I want to do next, but what the work is telling me it needs.

A lot of playing and not worrying. GREAT!  Some of the pieces of play below.

Acrylic on board. Multi layered wax resists

Acrylic and collage on board